Our understanding of brand, relationships and business means your next golf events success has been a result of meticulous planning.

By asking the right questions and crafting our events based on core principals we can deliver you an event that maximises your outcomes and creates you the biggest business benefit.

From product launches and engagement events for some of the worlds biggest sports brands, to life changing charity days, we pride ourselves on the impact we can deliver you. Our business, brand and relationship understanding, mixed with world class golfing products and services means you can host imaginative and engaging golf events..

Read below about the exceptional added benefit we’ve delivered for some of the businesses and brands we’ve been supporting.

When it's time to celebrate your 20yr relationship with a world golfing icon.

It’s not everyday that Adidas invite their closest suppliers and sponsors from around Europe to enjoy a day with their top golfing professional of 20 years, Sergio Garcia. Adidas asked us to again support another event with our Trackman® powered golf simulator where invitees got the opportunity to take on Sergio and golfing social influencers.

How a brand helps its customers take their business to the next level

Mitsubishi Electric created an RDF (Relationship Development Fund) for its clients so they can improve their business through increased sales. With increased sales being one of our clients more popular requests we tailor the event to create the exact outcome. Most of the trips we do under the scheme take place overseas with a 5* experience from beginning to end with a Clubs Away PGA Pro Host taking care of everyone’s requirements.

How we've helped to add 5 more beds in children's care ward.

We always like to understand what our clients want to achieve from their golf events. Over the years we’ve developed ideas with HPS to increase their fundraising for Great Ormond Street Hospital and build brand exposure. These have been supported by intimate hosted European events for key client accounts building important brand engagement and business growth.

Launching a new revolutionary product

When launching a new product to the world there is no better way to attract your guests than to create an experience that your guests won’t forget in a hurry. When LG approached Clubs Away to create the event, we set out to do just that. Within a 5* Resort we created an experience that staged a hugely successful product launch but an environment where LG could engage with their clients like never before. Merging the product launch with a overnight and golf event the following day the launch was set-up the product to be one of their most successful in 2019.

How we created the longest but most engaging que.

The British Masters is one of the major sporting events in any golfers diary. NOW TV wanted to build brand engagement which the golf simulator is perfect for. In the hospitality area, surrounded by leading golf brand stands our simulator was consistently the busiest over the weekend giving the NOW TV team amazing lead opportunities.

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