Create a PGA tour experience with our golf event live scoring.

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You’ve seen the pros keep track on the leader board, now you can bring that live experience excitement to your tournament with our golf event live scoring technology.

Why choose Clubs Away for golf event live scoring

  • A far more engaging and memorable event
  • Fully automated so more spreadsheets and scorecards
  • Devices provided so players don’t use their own mobile’s
  • No need to work out handicaps or formats
  • Brand up your tee sheet, scorecard, and leader board
  • Live leader board on the course, in the clubhouse and online
  • Generate revenue with advertising between each hole
  • Every scoring format you could possibly wish for
  • Track players on course and synchronise your event
  • Results calculated and sent to all players after the event.

How will your golf tournament live scoring look like

On the course

In the clubhouse


Golf event live scoring packages
Daily scoring packages from
£ 500
  • fully automated saving you time
  • Create a more exciting and immersive event
  • Play any scoring format over multiple days
  • Generate advertising and promotional income


No need for all the old-fashioned writing of scorecards & endless spreadsheets organising tee times. With golf event live scoring your tee sheets and scorecards are electronically created and sent out to players in advance.

golf app handicap leaderboard


No scorecards or working out of points/handicaps. Simply enter your gross score and the device does all the hard work for you, even calculating your team score – whatever the format!


Devices are handed out and provided to players (one per team) on the day, so players using our our golf event live scoring don’t need to use their own mobile devices and data allowance.


A live leader board is generated for all on the course to keep an eye on, players in the clubhouse to see and with links available on social media, everyone back in the office or even across the world can watch the event unfold.


Brand the tee sheet, scorecard & leader board so you can match your brand or personal event colours. You can upload two different logo images with a brand and event logo. You can also personalise the colour scheme to complement the visual appearance.

golf app handicap in action


You have the ability to hide the last 3 holes from the leader board, or any specific number of holes you wish. This keeps the suspense for the presentation and your clients engaged until the very end.


You have the ability to show adverts on the device between holes and across the scorecard. This gives you a great opportunity to get the live scoring sponsored for the day or continually keep your advertising message highlighted on the event leaderboard.


With golf event live scoring you can pick various scoring formats: Stableford, Medal, Betterball, Best scores to count on specific holes/pars, ryder cup format, ‘amen corner’ competition, skins, waltz, texas scrambles. A great chance to make your golf day niche with a new and innovative format!

golf app handicap in action standings


With golf event live scoring you can track players across the course. You can see slow groups and get a far better idea of the pace of play allowing you to be in control of your events timeframe.

[image of scoreboard with a magnifying glass on the slow group]

golf app handicap leaderboard


As soon as the final scores are input the results are instantly available and handed to event organisers with countback automatically worked out. All result links & PDF’s are created and available to be circulated to your players after the event.

Your questions answered

Like live scoring, golf event live scoring is a pre defined course and format event. The live scoring element allows all players, members back in the clubhouse and friends over social media see the scores as each player inputs their results after each hole.

Our golf event live scoring allows you to pay multiple formats at the same time. You still input your score and the system works out your position in each format. So you can play all types of individual and team formats simultaneously.  

We provide devices for each group to record every individuals hole results. You don’t have to worry about  having enough charge or using your own data as our devices are ready to go.

On a Clubs Away holiday or exclusive experience we can have each days rounds ready to access with your mobile device, with all the course details and scoring setup so you just turn up and play. 

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