Clubs Away – The Inside Scoop

Clubs Away was co-founded by a PGA Golfing Professional, Michael. His passion for golfing started when he was just 4 years old. He is not only an experienced player, but also provides golf coaching at all levels. With 5 PGA […]

A perfect engagement

  In April 2019, the brand agency representing Now TV requested assistance from Clubs Away to create a brand engagement experience at the British Masters Tournament at Hillside Golf Club, Southport. With Clubs Away having a vast experience in exhibitions […]

8 tips on organising the ultimate Golf Event

Why are you organising a golf event When I ask companies why they have decided to organise a golf event I’m past being surprised when they don’t have an answer, in fact over 90% of businesses don’t have a definitive […]

Is Tiger finally done with licking his wounds

So, last week saw the return of the greatest player ever to walk the planet, the one and only Tiger Woods. I’d be lying if I wrote this blog saying that I was confident in him making it through the […]

Why Abu Dhabi is the winter getaway’s new Algarve?

So your thinking about the next company golf event and what sunny climes might you be attracted to this year. With a new year coming up quicker than ever its time to think differently about golf event management and try something new, […]

Planning a golf event

Customer loyalty is a hugely important part of business revenue, so taking care of corporate clients and customers is always key. In ever changing and growing markets that are filled with fierce competition, businesses need a better and deeper way […]

Golf And Business

Why golf and business go hand in hand Golf has long been associated with the business world. The two in fact go hand in hand – the game of golf itself is a fine test of character and rewards players […]