6 golf event merchandise alternatives to the classic golf ball.

Naturally the golf ball was the first on the block when it came to brand exposure at golf events. Why wouldn’t you want your invitees walking around for 18 holes looking at your brand. With merchandise playing an increasingly large part in the golf event industry, things have moved on and brands are looking at more and more ways to increase their exposure and gift their invitees a nice little thanks.

There is nothing better than receiving a bag full of goodies when registering for a corporate golf event or charity day, however what goes in that goody bag plays a crucial role in maximising the exposure it can give you. As a company or charity, the outlay to fill these goody bags or giveaways at registration can seem like an unnecessary expense, but if done correctly, can create more opportunities for you and your brand. Merchandise can go as far as bags, clothing, and presentation cases but today we’re looking at 6 budget friendly ideas for giveaways at your next corporate golf day.

1. Polo Shirts.
Branded polo shirts expose your company logo like no other merchandise on display for the duration of the round, and in the clubhouse. A conversation starter is guaranteed when individuals spot the logo and ask, ‘what do they do?’. The golf shirt doesn’t only get worn on the day, but golfers will wear it for many a round to come, when playing with many different people. Why would you not want your company badge on display on numerous occasions?

2. Headcovers.
Another clever player in the merchandise market, maximising exposure time by being on display the whole round. The golf headcover doesn’t get put in your bag, pocket or left in the car. It gets placed on your woods and is on display for all to see for the duration of your round!

3. Tee pegs.
A budget option, but probably the cheapest piece of branded merchandise you can get hold off, however they ALWAYS get used. Golfers never have enough tee pegs and are always appreciative of a handful for free. What is clever about the golf tee pegs is they get left laying around the golf course all the time. Golfers can never find their own tee peg after flushing a drive down the middle of the fairway, but when they walk on to the tee they easily spot tee pegs left on the ground, covered in your brand or website!

4. Towels
The golf towel is another branded item which can give you maximum exposure by hanging off the side of golfer’s bags for the duration of their round. More cost effective compared to shirts and headcovers, a towel holds the ace card when it comes to personalisation. Not only can you put your own branding on the towel, but you can create an extra special gift with your invitee’s name on. If that’s not all, just like the tee pegs, another useful piece of equipment, especially for those keen golfers who like to keep their clubs looking spotless!

5. Pitchforks
The branded pitchfork is another low-cost option, however, comes in particularly handy for golfers. These tend to range from a simple plastic fork to luxury metal and leather designs that can beautifully set your brand off. Every golfer should have a pitchfork in their golf bag to ensure pitch marks are repaired on the greens and the course is looked after by your guests on your golf day, however, many corporate golfers do not carry one. Giving your guests a pitchfork with your brand on will not only teach them some etiquette of the game, but they will be staring right at your brand every time they go down to repair a pitch mark on the green (usually after a good shot!).

6. The valuables/tee bag
A hidden gem in the merchandise market is the valuables/tee bag. Its all well and good giving your players tee’s, pitchforks, pencils, ball markers etc, but often they will get chucked into the golf bag and will never be seen again. Giving your players a pouch to put all these smaller accessories in comes incredibly useful for the golfer and ensure your other branded items do not get lost of forgotten about. The tee bag also has a nice sized area for a striking logo to be applied.

With all merchandise it’s important to align your giveaways with your brand as there is a good chance this is your invitees first exposure to it. With all these giveaways you can get budget and premium options so if you want and help choosing a cost effective but impactful giveaway, speak to one of the Clubs Away team today. hello@clubsaway.co.uk

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