A Trackman is the ultimate analysis system, giving you the tools to understand your game and ultimately jump ahead. A combination of smart software and cutting-edge radar systems makes Trackman the best performance- enhancing software available in the industry today.

With Trackman you’ll have the opportunity to step into the pro world and join the leading coaches and players to gain invaluable insights into your swing. Because Trackman is always on tour, pro players are continually creating feedback so the model swings and insight are always up-to-date. Now you’ll be able to feel like one of the pros and understand the areas of improvement for your game.

With Trackman you can analyse:

Smash Factor

Smash factor is all about the energy transferred into the golf ball. This is worked out by taking the club head speed and dividing it by the ball speed.

Spin Rate

Trackman calculates the spin rate immediately after impact. Spin rate is very important to achieving height and distance on your shot.

Launch Angle

Launch angle is relative to the lie of the ground. You’ll be able to work out how to get a more penetrating ball flight.


Understanding your yardages is crucial. Knowing your landing area for each shot could be the difference of landing in the lake or next to the pin.

Ball Speed

Ball speed is the rate of the ball directly after impact. The cleanness of your strike has a large influence on the ball speed.

Club Speed

Club speed is your potential. The larger the speed, the more potential you have to hit the ball further.

Dynamic Loft

Dynamic loft refers to the attack angle you create at contact. Factors like shaft flex, lie and club path can all effect the dynamic loft.

Attack Angle

Attack angle is the direction you strike the ball. Fast club head shots tend to hit irons with a negative attack angle as they strike the ball before ground.

Club Path

Club path is important in understanding how you shape the ball flight. You’ll be able to examine your club head's movement at the moment of impact.

Face Angle

Are you striking the ball with an open or closed club face? Face angle is the direction your club is facing, either right or left at impact.