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we create worldclass corporate golf events

With a clear idea of your objectives we tailor our events to achieve the outcomes you want. We handle everything from large scale events for a brand launch, to more intimate occasions where quiet relationship building is the aim.

By bringing people together with golf, we focus to deliver specific outcomes to any event. This thinking we call the Power of Play. 

Power of Play isn’t just fun, it’s a deep knowledge of brand, relationships and how influencing them can impact your business and create you bigger opportunities.

Every event has a goal in mind

Sell more of
your products

Fully-branded events express your value and brand personality. Create a memorable experience that reflects the brand and leaves a lasting impact.

Improve business relationships

Every event is carefully planned to achieve the specific outcomes you set. Tailor your event to reward clients, win support or build team dynamics.

Increase brand engagement

Tailor your launch to cement key relationships with finance, advisors and business. Create a memorable experience that generates brand advocates early on.

Create a better team dynamic

Every event is carefully planned to achieve the specific outcomes you set. Tailor your event to reward clients, win support or build team dynamics.

Reward colleagues and associates

Thank your key business performers and associates with intimate events playing directly with our PGA Pro hosts at special member only venues.

Raise more for your charity

Select unique features to anchor an event and draw key targets. Align to any stage of the fundraising process from early relationship-building to raising money.

What's the most important aspect of your event?

How we influence your business performance

We want you to get the most from your event, whatever the scale, or the objective. Our passion and ability to think differently in the corporate hospitality sector means we focus on driving results.

Firstly, we invest time in understanding your business and your ideas for the event. Then we’ll help you target the most achievable outcomes and plan the event around them. We’ll work with you to build a brief and propose a combination of elements to create a tailored experience that fits your brand and delivers a return.

We provide complete management, powered by our automated event software, you can oversee any element of your event. You can track your event all the way from invites, to on the day services, as well as a rather more personal day-to-day event management service.

Clubs Away PGA Pro’s are involved from the outset and throughout the experience, guiding the activity and taking care of your guests ‘on the ground’, whether on a one day or a week’s long event.

We've hosted events for some of the world's most successful brands.

Our PGA Pros know how to deliver you the ultimate event

More than a world class coach, your Clubs Away PGA Pro is at the centre of every successful event – dedicated to making your experience the best it can be. 

All Clubs Away PGA Professionals share an ability to steer your event toward the goals you set and the plan aims to achieve. They use their business and brand experience to guide the event, carefully managing the dynamics of the day as well as the personalities present.

Each PGA Pro is able to give individual tuition and advice to your guests helping them play a better game, as well as ensuring they enjoy their day – even those who are not natural golfers. You can expect to improve your golf of course, but you will also improve the outcome of the event.

Our world-class professional will be with you from start to finish, acting as a concierge, coach, organiser and partner. Whether you want a private lesson, or have last minute dietary requirements, your PGA Pro Host will make sure your entire day is everything you want it to be.

How can PGA pro hosts make the difference at your event

How much more time would you have if you could simply create your event; invite, organise and chase invitees, take their payment and create your event itinerary all in one amazing app?

Our event management system will revolutionise your future events. You can track invitees from email invite all the way to live scoring and prize giving, streamlining yours and your invitees whole experience.

What makes us different

Our team of PGA pros utilise a host of products and services which make Clubs Away your one stop solution. Allowing you to send and manage invites with a single click via our event management platform to world leading sonar technology from the on course trackman® and golf simulators. Not to mention others, our total package gives you an unrivalled full service event experience.

PGA Professional Hosts

Our world-class professional will be with you from morning until night, acting as a concierge, local guide, coach, organiser and partner.

Event Management Platform

Forget all your hours of admin and just let the event management platform do it all for you. Invite, chase and collect payment, it really is that easy.

Live Scoring System

From intimate groups to large corporate golf days, get live scoring straight to your device so every player gets that pro tournament experience.

On course Trackman®

Get player insight on the course or use it as a marketing tool to email players swing stats. Or simply a great way to add value and impress your guests.

Brand & Marketing

Get more exposure at your golf event with our in-house brand and marketing team. Our creative team will make your event one to remember.

Golf Simulator Hire

Powered by industry leading sonar technology, our Trackman® simulators are as close as you'll get to the real thing. Just a shorter walk to each shot.

Elevate your event experience with multi format live scoring. Match play, fourball, texas scrambell or why not play a whole Ryder Cup format within 18 holes. This maybe live scoring, but not as you know it.

Leave paper score cards in the past and engage your invitees with multi format live scoring. Create even more potential with advertising and brand engagement opportunities all within the app.

Unleash the full potential on your next golf event with Trackman®

Not only is Trackman® the worlds leading golf swing analysis software but the perfect accompaniment to any premium golfing experience.

Using sonar technology to track the swing and ball flight, Trackman® gives you enviable game improvement data. The tracking is so accurate it’s used by the majority of top tour professionals who need to know their swing inside out.

We use the features of Trackman® to add an extra dimension to your event enabling us to tailor events and ultimately achieve your key goals. 

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